At last — brand-new Obsolete Pictures merchandise!

Our first releases include the official movie poster for The Picnic, as well as a T-shirt featuring the poster design.

POSTERS: Our online store allows you to choose both custom sizes and paper types for your poster print. Make sure you choose your desired settings under Size and Paper Type for these options.

T-SHIRTS: The store allows you to select the style of T-shirt you want (men’s, women’s, child, ringer, etc.) as well as the color. The default setting is a men’s navy blue T-shirt, which looks great with the poster colors, but you are able to modify it to whatever type of shirt and color you wish; just select the See more link under Style. Note that the image has a white border, so that it will perfectly stand out on dark colors.

MUG: Our trilobite logo is now available on a large, sturdy mug, perfect for consuming hot beverages in style.

Our vendor, Zazzle, has a generous return policy, so if for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the print quality, you can contact them for a refund, or even for a reprint of the merchandise.

Thanks for shopping, as your dollars support our continued creative process!